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Introducing the New Standcap Pouch machine!



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Revitalize your brands and gain a competitive edge with Viking Masek’s newest premade pouch option – the STANDCAP pouch machine.

Viking Masek’s newest machine configuration opens the world of STANDCAP pouch packaging to manufacturers who prefer a premade pouch solution rather than a horizontal form fill and seal machine. Perfect for liquids, gels, pastes, as well as co-packers and converters, the STANDCAP pouch is a distinctive solution for both food and nonfood products, helping your brands gain market share.


  • The latest Allen Bradley servo technology
  • Innovative bag feeding system
  • Ultrasonic sealing technology
  • Up to 80 bpm (40 bpm per lane)


Our Partners

R.A Jones


(R.A Jones)

Form/Fill/Seal Solutions

VOLPAK supports Global STANDCAP pouch applications and is the leader in developing innovative pouch packaging machinery. Applications specific to North America sold and supported by R.A JONES. 



Pouch Supplier

Known for reliable, innovative, and cost-effective flexible packaging delivered on time, Glenroy has been chosen as the premade STANDCAP pouch provider. 



Dispensing Solutions

Aptar's customized pouch dispensing solution features an easy to open flip-lid closure and a tamper evident pull ring. Its  SimpliSqueeze®valve technology delivers a drip-free and controlled product dispense.

STANDCAP Pouch Machine
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