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Our Process

Running a business can be complicated. Your packaging automation project should not be. At Viking Masek, we help you hit your numbers faster, increase revenues, and reduce risk with our eight-point proven partnership process.

8 Steps to Packaging Project Success:


Step 1

In-Depth Assessment

Our experts listen and ask the right questions right away to ensure we understand your unique needs.

Step 2

Custom Proposal

We prepare a detailed proposal that captures your specifications and we walk you through it.

Step 3

Onsite Demo

Your team visits our US headquarters or tunes in virtually for a live demonstration of an automated packaging system.

Step 4

Partnership enabled

You are assigned a single point of contact to simplify communication and ensure project success.

Step 5

Design Review

 We provide drawings for your review, revision, and approval - then scheduled for production.

Step 6

Configuration & Testing

We customize, simplify, and perfect your packaging system before it leaves our facility for yours.

Step 7

Installation & Startup

Our trained service techs can be there day 1 to support quick startup and immediate production efficiencies.

Step 8

Ongoing Support

Our parts, service, and engineering departments stand by to ensure your continued success.

Simplified. Efficient. Automated.

At Viking Masek, our packaging systems help our customers do business better.

Buying Your First Packaging Machine?

Choosing your first packaging machine can be overwhelming, especially when you’re new to packaging automation.

We get it and we’re here to help! Learn about the different types of packaging machines, get the answers to first-time buyers’ most commonly asked questions, and download helpful guidelines and planning tools by visiting our First-Time Buyer resource page.

First-time Buyer Guidebook

Packaging equipment return on investment calculator

How long will it take a potential packaging machine purchase to pay for itself?

Before you buy, use our comprehensive ROI calculator to find out if the investment is right for your business.

Free Return on Investment calculator