Sustainable Machinery

Long-lasting machinery for renewable, compostable flexible packaging

Viking Masek packaging equipment is ideal for supporting a sustainable future. The machines themselves are incredibly long-lasting and low maintenance. Plus, our focus on innovation in seal quality and speed means less waste, more production time, and longer-lasting quality products for your buyers. From organic coffee to all natural baby food, you can trust Viking Masek machinery to create the perfect seal every time to maintain the freshness and integrity of your natural and organic products.

We partner with top packaging film and pouch suppliers to ensure your packaging materials also meet your needs for sustainability. Flexible packaging utilizes less material, costs less to produce and buy, and produces less waste than rigid packaging. In addition, innovations in eco-friendly and compostable packaging provide opportunities for natural product packagers to make everything about their product lifecycle sustainable.

Green Packaging

We partner with a number of top packaging film and bag companies, many of them offering the latest in renewable, compostable flexible packaging. Eco-friendly packaging offers the same functional aspects of regular packaging while greatly reducing environmental impact over the lifecycle of the product. In addition, innovations in green packaging mean a greater opportunity for concerned packagers to reduce their product's impact on the world at large.