Contract Packaging

Versatile Contract Packaging Equipment with minimal downtime

As a Contract Packager, Your Reputation is Everything.

To attract and retain a loyal client base, your business needs a solid backbone of reliable, durable packaging equipment.

You sell on volume. When your packaging equipment is down, that is literally money down the drain. Minimize costly downtime with reliable packaging equipment that just keeps running, day after day.

Your customers will be singing your praises when you deliver consistent, quality results, time after time.

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About Our Contract Packaging Machines

Viking Masek packaging machines feature quick, easy tool-free changeover and minimal maintenance requirements so more time is spent producing, increasing your bottom line.

Efficient changeover also means multiple SKUs can be packaged on a single piece of machinery, leaving valuable floor space available for other projects.

Whether you are doing long or short contract packaging runs, Viking Masek's durable machinery will provide maximum throughput and high yield. You can count on our equipment to provide the packaging integrity and speeds your clients desire.

contract packaging machine with product running

Contract Packaging Challenges, Solved.

Econo-Pak, a Pennsylvania contract packaging company, needed an efficient and ultra-fast packaging solution to fulfill a massive contract for millions of snack packs.

This case study shows how the fastest VFFS machine in the world enabled this contract packager to meet client demand quickly and reliably.

Case study CTA Econo Pak.png


VFFS Velocity
VFFS Velocity
Stick Pack ST800
Stick Pack ST800

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