Sanitary VFFS Baggers for Shredded, Grated and Cubed Cheese

You don't have to be from Wisconsin to love cheese. On a pizza, in a taco or part of a party platter, cheese can be found pretty much anywhere. Cheese producers worldwide have come to rely on Viking Masek's ultra-sanitary VFFS machines for clean, efficient packaging.

Easy integration with combination scales, cartoners and other ancillary equipment make Viking Masek equipment the perfect automated packaging solution.

Machines built using WDA 3A Sanitary design specifications, our vertical baggers can be trusted to package dairy products without contaminating them. Whether you are packaging shredded cheese or cubed cheese, in bulk or retail sizes, we have packaging solutions to match your needs.


Intermittent and Continuous Motion Packaging Machines Make Short Work of Packaging Cheese

Viking Masek’s line of VFFS machines includes intermittent and continuous motion machines to revolutionize your cheese packaging processes. Whether you need to make thousands of large pillow bags for restaurant or food service use or smaller, consumer-sized three side seal bags with zippers, our vertical baggers are up to the challenge.

And, thanks to their robust construction, you can count on a Viking Masek VFFS machine to last for years of service in even the harshest environments. Trust Viking Masek for a dependable, efficient, flexible cheese packaging machine.

Pillow Bag


Three Side Seal Bag

Three Side Sealed

Flat Bottom Bag

Flat Bottom



Premade Pouch Bag

Premade Pouch

Gibbsville Cheese Case Study

Over a Decade of Cheese Packaging Success

It was 2007. Gibbsville Cheese was frustrated with an inefficient, oversized packaging machine that wasn’t sealing well. A packaging machine that met their needs didn’t exist, so they turned to us. The result was Viking Masek’s very first custom-built VFFS machine.


Free Cheese Packaging Case Study