Individual Quick Frozen (IQF)

Flexible Packaging for Frozen Food

The earliest techniques for freezing food involved using cold weather to frost-freeze it. Food preparation technology has advanced considerably, with flash and cryogenic freezing currently providing the best results. Packaging technology has kept pace and Viking Masek's VFFS food packaging machines make producing bags of individually quick frozen (IQF) fruit, vegetables, seafood and meat a breeze.

Robust and efficient, our vertical baggers excel in harsh, wet and cold packaging environments.

Easy integration with scales, conveyors, printers and other ancillary equipment let Viking Masek VFFS packaging machines become the heart of frozen food packaging lines. By using flexible packaging materials, your IQF food products will be packaged in a less expensive, more protective barrier film which can also be microwavable. Viking Masek’s packaging machines will revolutionize your packaging operations.

Individual Quick Frozen

VFFS Baggers Make Consumer and Industrial Sized Bags

Whether you need to bag frozen peas for sale in grocery stores or chicken nuggets for restaurant use, Viking Masek’s line of food packaging machines will not disappoint. Our baggers can handle long runs of large packages with ease. Even specialty frozen foods like snacks, cookie dough, meatballs and berry mixes are perfectly packaged by our equipment with minimal operator oversight.

For businesses offering a diverse product range, our machines’ tool free changeover and onboard product recipe storage make switching from one item to another quick and easy. Minimal maintenance design and  non-proprietary parts mean operating a Viking Masek VFFS machine can lower overhead costs. Increase efficiency by adding a Viking Masek packaging machine to your frozen food production facility.

Pillow Bag


Quad Seal Bag

Quad Seal

Flat Bottom Bag

Flat Bottom

Doy Pack Bag

Doy Pack

Three Side Seal Bag

Three Side Seal

Premade Pouch Bag

Premade Pouch