Meat, Poultry & Fish

Vertical Baggers for Chicken Nuggets, Red Meat, Raw Seafood and Fresh Poultry

Preparing meat requires strict adherence to food safety protocols and standards. Packaging meat for consumer or industrial use necessitates a similar level of contamination prevention methods. Viking Masek's packaging machines are rugged enough to handle the harshest washdown procedure.

Ultra-sanitary construction makes our vertical baggers ideal for red meat, fresh poultry and raw fish/seafood packaging.

There are a lot of potential sources of infection in any facility processing and packaging uncooked foods. Don’t let your packaging machine be the cause of an outbreak. Get a Viking Masek VFFS machine and you’ll have a robust, ultra-sanitary packaging powerhouse delivering perfect bags of fresh food.

Meat, Poultry & Fish

Sanitary Packaging Machines Bag Food in Hygienic, Flexible Film

Using a Viking Masek packaging machine for bagging fresh meat  products allows your company to start packaging in flexible films instead of rigid packages. Besides the cost savings and easier storage  and handling, flexible packaging is also a more hygienic way to package uncooked, contamination-prone items.

Flexible film’s innately strong barrier can be improved with moisture and oxygen resistant formulas.

The result is a sanitary VFFS machine capable of packaging raw meats into a variety of hygienic films. Using the right film can significantly extend the life of an un-processed or minimally-processed food product. Using Viking Masek equipment and the right flexible film, your company will reduce spoilage, lower production costs and improve sanitation.

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