Pasta, Beans & Rice

Dependable Vertical Baggers for Dry, Dusty Products

Viking Masek provides turn-key solutions for packaging dry and dusty products like beans, rice and pasta. Operating in an environment with fine particulates can put a lot of strain on moving parts. Thanks to the superior engineering of Viking Masek equipment, our packaging machines deliver smooth, repeatable bagging even in harsh conditions.

Enclosed jaw drives on our M series baggers keep dust and debris away from the sealing components.

Bagging dusty, granular and dry goods is simple and efficient with Viking Masek’s VFFS machines and their ability to integrate with a wide variety of ancillary equipment. Multihead scales, volumetric fillers, check weighers, metal detection and other equipment can be added to your Viking Masek rice, bean or pasta packager, making it the heart of a finely-tuned automated packaging system.

Pasta, Beans & Rice

VFFS Sigma
VFFS Sigma

Robust and Efficient, Viking Masek VFFS Machines Operate with Minimal Downtime

Rice, beans and pasta are ubiquitous in modern cuisine. Meeting consumer and food service demand for these products requires a packaging operation ready to produce countless bags with minimal downtime.

Viking Masek packaging machines are designed to provide maximum uptime with little oversight.

Minimal maintenance is required to keep a Viking Masek vertical bagger in peak operating condition. When it is time to replace a wear  part, our use of non-proprietary components means your staff can repair  the machine quickly and cost effectively and get it back to work. Viking Masek stocks all bagger parts and are available immediately if your machine is down. All parts are non-proprietary and available off-the shelf.

For companies producing a variety of products, like penne, rotini and rigatoni or pinto, lima and kidney beans, our machines’ tool free changeover and ability to store up to 100 product recipes on board means switching from packaging one item to another is quick and easy. From tote to pallet, turn-key, world class packaging of dry food products is possible with Viking Masek.

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