Powder Packaging Machines as Perfect as the Packets They Make

At Viking Masek, powder packaging is our largest market. We consider ourselves the powder packaging experts, and enjoy creating custom packaging solutions for our clients.

Easy to use and offering a great product, convenience packaging for powders is experiencing rapid growth. Creating these handy packages is a job for a Viking Masek stick pack machine. Just like the stick packs they produce, Viking Masek machines are easy to operate, conveniently integrate into your packaging operations and produce flawless results. Our packaging machine line-up includes models specifically designed to create industry-standard and consumer-favorite sized stick packs.

Larger bags of powders for spices, salt or food service use are perfectly made by our VFFS machines. We provide complete powder packaging systems for all powders and granulars, whether dusty, free flowing, or non-free flowing.


Drink Mix Packets, Sugar and Spice: We Package Everything Nice

Viking Masek’s robust VFFS, stick pack, and sachet machines can  package ground coffee blends, flour mixes, spices, drink mixes, sugar and artificial sweeteners, tea, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and even caustic or abrasive powders with ease. If it is a powdered or  granulated product, we have a vertical bagger to package it.

Sanitary and robust, Viking Masek machines do not fail to provide stunning results.

Often used to make instant coffee and flavored drink mix packets, Viking Masek’s powder packaging machines are able to bag almost any finely ground product. Whether you need to add small spice packets to ready-made food product or want a bulk sized bag of detergent crystals, Viking Masek has you covered. Get a Viking Masek vertical bagging machine for attractive and consumer-friendly packaging of your powdered products.

Pillow Bag


Quad Seal Bag

Quad Seal

Flat Bottom Bag

Flat Bottom

Stick Pack

Stick Pack

Sachet Bag


Plow Down Tape Down

Plow Down Tape Down

Premade Pouch Bag

Premade Pouch