Medical Devices & Supplies

Flexible Packaging Machines for Medical Supplies

Flexible packaging in the medical industry is a rapidly growing and changing market. From dental devices to post-partum medical supplies, Viking Masek has a flexible packaging solution to increase your production and provide high accuracy in accordance with your package filling specifications.

Our stick packaging machinery is available with IQ/OQ pharma construction. Stick packs for medical supplies can feature popular easy-open options like tear notches and microperforation. With the growing popularity of dosage control and single-serve packages in the medical industry, a stick packaging machine is the perfect solution to provide your consumers with the convenience and safety they deserve.

Viking's premade pouch filling machines and vertical form fill seal packaging equipment are great for larger packages of medical supplies or bulk packages of medical hardware or devices.

Add a cartoning and case-packing solution to revolutionize your medical packaging with a full tote to pallet solution.

Before reading more about our medical packaging capabilities and how we can help meet your packaging needs, check out this video showing some of our equipment in action.

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Medical device packaging is as important as ever. Medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers looking for fast, efficient and reliable packaging solutions or who want to improve package seal quality, increase production capacity or add a new product line should use the form below to connect with a Viking Masek packaging specialist.

Medical Devices & Supplies

Medical Hardware, Supplies, Devices, and More: We Package Everything for Optimal Health

Viking Masek’s robust VFFS, stick pack, sachet, and premade pouch filling machines can package medical and dental devices, hospital and doctor's office supplies, and more. No matter the medical product, we have a bagger to package it.

Sanitary and robust, Viking Masek machines do not fail to provide stunning results.

Often used to make single-serve and controlled-dosage packets, Viking Masek’s medical packaging machines are able to bag almost any product. Whether you need to package surgical dressings into single-use packets and place those packets into cardboard cartons, or desire a bulk sized bag of dental hardware, Viking Masek has you covered. Get a Viking Masek packaging machine for attractive and consumer-friendly packaging of your medical products.

Pillow Bag


Three Side Seal Bag

Three Side Seal

Premade Pouch Bag

Premade Pouch

Stick Pack

Stick Pack

Sachet Bag


If you are packaging medical supplies or thinking about getting started in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, we can help. We are available to help you optimize your medical device packaging investment as well as strategize with you on the types of medical packaging equipment that will work best for your application. 

Our packaging equipment specialists will provide personalized advice to improve your production efficiency, enhance profitability and improve production performance. They are available by phone or email.

Use Precision Automation to Maximize Medical Device Packaging Performance 

The healthcare industry has a constant need for equipment and supplies and medical device manufactures are the ones who need to fill it. We understand this. We understand your business, how it operates and the importance of control when it comes to medical device packaging. You need and expect date/lot marking, temperature control, traceability, inventory tracking, reporting, prompt service, available parts inventory and more. Packaging machines from Viking Masek do all of that--efficiently. Automation offers other benefits too. It minimizes operational costs, increases productivity and creates a safer work environment by replacing repetitive and strenuous manual jobs. 

The use of flexible medical instrument pouches is becoming increasingly popular because of their simplicity, filling ease and superior sealing ability.

Whether you are new to medical device packaging or are considering automating your medical device packaging line by adding premade pouch packaging to your product lineup, watch here how fast and easy our premade pouch machines can turn an empty premade pouch into a shelf-ready finished product.

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Packaging machine ROI calculator

Need help figuring out if packaging automation makes sense for your medical device packaging business?

Download our free packing machine ROI calculator to learn how long it will take for an investment in automation to pay for itself.

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