Case Studies

In-Depth Studies of Viking Masek's Packaging Machine Installations

Econo-Pak landed a game-changing contract to package a massive number of snack packs. They needed to obtain quality, high-speed, easy-to-use…
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Bean Box came to a realization that many quickly growing coffee companies face: Manual packaging processes could no longer support continued…
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Between increased marketing from advertising during football's biggest game and already flush volumes of orders, continuing to hand-pack was…
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Facing a down economy and rising costs resulting from outsourcing their packaging, Mello Joy came to a realization: They must bring their…
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Gibbsville Cheese was frustrated with an inefficient, oversized packaging machine that wasn’t sealing well. A packaging machine that met…
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This twin Velocity system is the fastest VFFS machine in the world, reaching true production speeds of up to 300 bags per minute.
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An Illinois-based contract packaging company needed an efficient and ultra-fast packaging solution to package snack crackers for their…
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Fractional packaging customers wanted to speed up their packaging time beyond the traditional speed of 70 – 110 bags per minute, but had…
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With a design for a brand-new package for its cheese, this manufacturer needed to find a machine that could produce its new liquid cheese…
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Hollingbery & Son, a fourth-generation hops brokerage wanted to increase production, improve accuracy, and take control of production with…
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In the world of institutional food packaging, speed and efficiency are key ways to maintain profitability.
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Diamond Pet Foods was looking for a bagging solution that would provide multiple sample bags to support the company’s goal of growing its…
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Field Service Technician
The role of the Field Service Technician is to set up, integrate, static check, power up and execute full system integration of VFFS and…
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