Case Study: Packaging Automation

Fairview Mills

The Challenge

When a Kansas contract packager was looking to transition to automated packaging systems from manual processes, they met with the experts at Pack Expo. That is when they found Viking Masek.

"Other companies did not provide a lot of comfort as we discussed making a purchase. Many companies told us over and over that whatever we need to do, they can take care of. Whereas Viking wanted samples, finished pouches, trial runs. Viking Masek hit it out of the park with multiple trial runs," Steve Skinner, Fairview Mills.

Steve Skinner
Project Manager, Fairview Mills
It has been a very positive experience working with Viking Masek. We know where we are at with the company. Viking is eager to work with us, check in with us, and even help us with better equipment. This continues to add revenue which is huge for us.

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