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    Turnkey Integrated
    Packaging Solutions

Fully Automated Bagging, Cartoning and Case-packing

With its broad portfolio of standard or customized machines, Viking Masek is able to offer turn-key solutions from primary Packaging equipment up to palletizing.


One of the most valuable results of our 50 years of experience in VFFS history is the capacity to offer the best filling system required for your application.


Viking Masek is a leading supplier of VFFS machines. The extent of our current product line and ongoing innovations allow us to match a complete range of vertical form/fill/seal machines to your product, offering bag styles such as pillow, Quad or Doy.


To ensure single-source accountability, Viking Masek provides flexible product handling solutions for orienting, collating and transferring a wide range of products into our cartoners.


Viking Masek builds world-class endload, topload and wrap-around cartoning machines for a wide range of speeds and carton styles.


Viking Masek offers both pre-formed case and wrap-around case-packers in combination with appropriate collators for everything from single-component packages to stacked and multiple­ component packaging.


Viking Masek offers everything from tote to pallet including conventional and robotic palletizing units.

Simplify with an automated packaging line

Have complex packaging problems been keeping you up at night? Rest easy with a fully integrated packaging line from Viking Masek.

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Your single-source supplier

When you partner with Viking Masek for a full packaging line, our team will source, integrate, configure, test, and coordinate installation and service for your entire packaging system. This streamlines resources, which means less stress for you and a quicker return on investment.

Our team of in-house engineers and technicians are dedicated to providing a unique, simplified packaging solution that meets your exact specifications.

No middlemen or consultants here. We take full accountability for the performance of your packaging system - from start to finish - and we don't rest until it performs as promised.

Minimize labor-related stress

Are your labor costs increasing? is it becoming increasingly difficult to staff your packaging line? You're not alone.

Labor is one of the largest variable expenses for manufacturers and contract packagers. With costs increasing and the labor pool shrinking, now is the time to automate manual packaging processes and reallocate labor resources to value-added activities.

Maximize profits...fast

We integrate our rugged packaging machines with components from proven partners to create a unique total packaging solution that meets your exact specifications. The result? Increased efficiencies, consistent product quality, reliable and predictable production, and lower costs.

You get a packaging line that not only simplifies your workflow but puts you on the path to increasing profits…fast.

Increase efficiencies with integrated robotics

When our durable premade pouch, VFFS, and stick pack machines are combined with the latest robotics technologies from partner, Viking Masek Robotics & Automation, you will magnify the benefits of your entire packaging system, reduce waste and rework, and attain a 'wow' factor that can't be ignored.

From robotic product handling and filling to precise case packing and palletizing, Viking Masek has it covered. 

Components of an automated packaging line

With a Viking Masek fully integrated packaging line, you can automate processes including:

  • Robotic handling. Adds efficiencies at any point of the packaging process.
  • Filling. Measures precise doses of your product to ensure an accurate fill.
  • Bagging. Produces bags of your product.
  • Product inspection. Ensures product quality, safety, and regulatory compliance.
  • Infeed & outfeed. Conveys your product to the packaging area, vertically or horizontally.
  • Cartoning and case packing. Assembles, fills, and seals corrugated cases and cartons.
  • Palletizing & depalletizing. Loads or unloads pallets of materials or products.
  • Custom processes. If you can dream it, we can help you package it. Ask us how.

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Dedicated support, every step of the way

From our 40+ point discovery process to perfecting your packaging line to post-installation maintenance and support, our team leaves no stone unturned and will not rest until your packaging system performs as promised. 

We work closely with ancillary equipment suppliers to ensure your integrated packaging solution works seamlessly as one complete system.

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Get started on the path to increased profits today. Request a quote below or give us a call to chat about your automated packaging line needs.

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Packaging machine ROI calculator

How long will it take for a packaging machine investment to pay for itself?

Packaging equipment is a commitment of both time and money. Make sure you know that it's worth it. Download our free packing machine ROI calculator to find out if packaging automation makes financial sense for your business. 

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