VFFS Liquid Sigma 300

VFFS Liquid Sigma 300
Versatile VFFS Liquids Packaging Machine

Designed specifically for airless packaging of liquids

Food packaging

Versatile VFFS Liquids Packaging Machine

With its servo-driven airless fill squeegee sealing system, this continuous motion bagger was designed specifically for packaging of liquids like soup, sauces, and condiments.

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Max Speed 60 bpm
Bag Size
Min 60 mm x 120 mm (2.36" x 4.72")
Max 300 mm x 1,000 mm (15.75" x 39.37")


  • Robust stainless steel frame and parts
  • Sanitary design for complete washdown
  • Continuous motion
  • Enclosed, servo drive jaw actuation
  • Servo driven squeegee sealing system for clean, airless liquids packaging
  • Open frame design for easy cleaning
  • Servo drive for main machine functions
  • Vacuum pull belts
  • Automatic film tracking
  • VFD powered film unwind
  • Off-the-shelf components
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Product stagers
  • End-seal cooling air
  • Bag deflators
  • Photo-eye and encoder
  • Film splice table
  • Jaw obstruction detection
  • Allen Bradley controls
  • Storage for 100 product recipes

Viking Masek's continuous motion bagmaker Liquid Sigma is THE solution for clean packaging of liquids with its squeegee sealing system. The unique center mounted filling tube and naturally counterbalanced sealing profile are designed to provide vibration-free, extremely smooth operation at all speeds. Our color graphic operator interface coupled with off-the-shelf PLC controls ensures industry-leading ease of use and the highest reliability.


How to Package Bulk Liquids with Airless Fill

Join Scott Miller, Viking Masek VP of Product & Technology, as he takes you on a detailed walkthrough of a continuous motion VFFS liquid packaging machine, the Liquid Sigma.

Combined with a liquid hopper, piston filler, and printer for a total packaging solution, this equipment cleanly packages liquid products and ensures an airless fill.

Learn about key features, how the equipment works, and the different products it can package.


  • Hole punch (Euroslot or Round)
  • Tear notch
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Integration with variety of fillers, printers, metal detectors, label applicators, and checkweighers


  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 450 mm (17.75")
  • Maximum Roll Width: 645 mm (25.3")
  • Weight: 1,814 kg (4,000 lbs)
  • Air Pressure: 12-18 SCFM at 90 PSI
  • Power Supply: Standard 480V, three phase, 60 Hz.



Bag Styles



Carry Handle
Carry Handle