STANDCAP Pouch Machine

Our Innovative Premade Pouch Machine is ready to fill & seal the NEW STANDCAP Pouch!

If you’re wondering how you can revitalize your brands and gain a competitive edge with Viking Masek’s newest premade pouch option – the STANDCAP pouch machine, we’re here to help.

When you schedule a consultation, our experts will:

  • Review your current packaging processes and suggest improvements
  • Explain how the STANDCAP pouch machine configuration works with our dual-lane premade pouch machines
  • Highlight the versatility of our machines for co-packers and brands that would like to take their liquid pouch packaging to the next level with STANDCAP pouches.
  • Show you how to right-size machine platforms for speed and complexity to match your current – and future – production demands
  • Audit preventive maintenance schedules to help you extend the life of your current machinery

If you’re looking for a distinctive solution to your challenges and the latest innovations in premade pouch machinery, Viking Masek can help.

STANDCAP Pouch Machine
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