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"A leader is someone that is willing to be comfortable being uncomfortable. To be vulnerable." Co-Founder and President, Robb Leonhard speaks with Nick Nighbor on InitiativeOne podcast, "It's Not About Me; It's About The Team."
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Have you considered incorporating a cartoning solution at your company? It’s an automated, timesaving, accurate packaging solution, so it's no wonder the packaging and cartoning industry is flourishing… in spite of some challenging trends in the industry.
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Have you been considering automating a part of your manual packaging line? We are here to offer advice on how to begin.
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Selecting the proper equipment for your company's packaging needs is a big deal. At Viking Masek, we pride ourselves on how we interact and communicate with our clients. We fully understand that purchasing a packaging machine is not just another transaction.
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With drastic changes in the medical community and new viruses across the world, the packaging world adapts accordingly to meet customer demands.