Food Products and Automated Packaging. The Perfect Pair


Food Cleanlisness, Safety and Efficiency with Automated Packaging

Since the dawn of time, people have been packaging their food. Whether wrapping it in animal skins or mulberry bark, our ancestors figured out how to cover their provisions so they would be protected, making them easier to transport while keeping them clean and thwarting critters from digging in.  

Fast forward to today, where packaging food has progressed. Quite a bit.

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If you've ever seen the chocolate factory scene in I Love Lucy, the invention of food packaging automation makes perfect sense. This ever-evolving technology makes the process of packaging products easy without the need for human workers to physically pack the items. Over the years, automated packaging systems have advanced from a company buying one machine that automated one step in the packaging procedure to purchasing a system that combines all the steps in the entire process.


Specifically, automated food packaging makes it easier to regulate the production process. Every single piece of food goes through the same course of action from start to finish. Machines are precise, helping to keep the packaging on schedule, day in and out, which is tough to do with humans. 


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Cleanliness is Key

The biggest perk of an automated food packaging system is controlled cleanliness. The packaging process is much cleaner and safer for the end consumer through automated packaging. It keeps contaminants out of food and eliminates anything that shouldn't be there. Without humans interacting with the products, contamination from an ill worker is impossible. Machines don't sneeze, cough, or need bathroom breaks. The machines have quality control built into them, and throughout the process, there are different check sensors and reject spots to ensure food safety. 


Also, automated food packaging uses various materials to protect the food and provides surfaces for labeling and other information like ingredients, allergens, and nutritional value. Your brand's unique labeling helps customers find your product at the store and getting your label on the package can all be done through automation.


It’s one thing knowing you want an automated food packing system in place. Knowing how to find the right line with suitable materials, so your food is packaged safely, securely and effectively is another. That's where we come in. We're never too busy to talk about packaging equipment. 


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