25 questions a packaging machine manufacturer might ask during a consultation

Bryan Lacy

man-typing-on-computer-near-Viking-Masek-vffs-machine.jpgSo you've contacted a packaging machine manufacturer for more information. Now what?

The short answer: Expect a bunch of questions ranging from product descriptions to facility specifications.

Every question asked has a singular goal: Making sure the equipment manufacturer fully understands the scope of your needs so they can provide accurate recommendations and pricing. 

Fair warning: Getting pricing for a packaging machine isn't as quick and simple as picking a model and referencing a price list. It's nearly impossible to buy a packaging machine off-the-shelf with no customizations. 

That said, we want to help you get ahead of the game: Read through our list of the top 25 questions packaging machine manufacturers ask during the discovery process. How many can you answer?

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Expect these questions from a packaging machine manufacturer

General Information

1.       When do you need to be up and running with new packaging equipment?

2.       Do you have automated packaging equipment in your facility right now?

3.       Do you have a budget in mind?

4.       Is your project approved and funded?

Product Information

5.       What is the description of the product(s) you are looking to package?

6.       SOLID PRODUCTS: What is the average piece size?

POWDER PRODUCTS: What is the bulk density?

LIQUID PRODUCTS: What is the fill temp and viscosity, and does it have a solid component?

7.       Is your product dusty?

8.       Is your product fresh or frozen?

Package Information

9.      Do you use already-made bags or do you need to create your bags from scratch?

10.    What are your bag styles?

11.     What are your package weights/volumes?

12.     How much output do you require (finished bags per minute, shift, day, year, etc)?

13.     Does your package have easy-open features? (i.e. tear notch, perforations)

14.     Does your package have recloseable features? (i.e. zipper, label, or tin tie)

15.     Do you require a degassing valve applicator (for coffee applications)?

16.     Can you send pictures (or better yet, samples) of film, finished bags, and product?

Facility Information

17.     How much weight can the floor in your facility support?

18.     How many shifts are in production at your facility?

19.     Is your plant environment wet or dry?

20.    What is the electrical availability in your plant?

21.     What is your plant ceiling height?

Equipment Information

22.     How do you wash down your equipment? 

23.     Do you need equipment to feed and/or dose your product into the packaging machine?

24.     Do you need the packaging system to print date/lot codes on your packages?

25.     Do you require metal detection, X-Ray or checkweigh in your packaging system?


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