Bag Styles

Bag Styles Catered to Your Packaging Needs

The newest premade pouch solution, the STANDCAP Pouch, is revolutionizing premade pouch packaging. This inverted, wedge-shaped pouch style…
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These bag styles are experiencing exponential growth because of their shelf appeal and convenience! These pouches are premade and not formed…
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A versatile, economical, and popular bag style that can be quite eye-catching with the right graphics. Applicable to almost all industries…
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A crisp, neat, and appealing stand-up pouch style that is fast gaining in popularity to sell in premium products including pet food, coffee,…
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Producing beautiful stick packs was never easier than with a stick pack machine from Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies. Our Stick…
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A versatile attention-grabbing design that is very popular in the packaging industry, most notably in coffee, IQF, pet food, candy, and…
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A bag style for prominent stand-up display. Its wide face is great for labels and graphics, and can have a center or off-center vertical…
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A versatile, economical, and popular bag style that can be quite eye-catching with the right graphics. This bag style makes for a perfect…
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A bold, versatile bag with large advertising face, where every side is a billboard! Collapsible gusseted sides give products added dimension…
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A unique, cost-effective pouch that stands out from the rest. Three side seal bags allow more room for graphics with the elimination of the…
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A standout style in a very compact and attention-grabbing design. This bag type is catching on for the single serving industry where…
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A clean style offering superior, compact case-packing ability. Sturdiness and compression save on shipping costs and provide more shelf…
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