Choosing the Right Secondary Packaging Equipment for Your Needs

Secondary Packaging - Case Packing, Cartoning, Palletizing

At Viking Masek Packaging Technologies, our goal is to simplify your decision-making process by providing you with detailed insights into our range of secondary packaging solutions. Whether you're packaging small items or preparing bulk quantities for shipping, understanding the differences between our equipment can help you select the best solution for your packaging challenges.

Understanding Secondary Packaging Equipment

Secondary packaging plays a crucial role in protecting and grouping your primary packaged products for shipping, handling, and storage. Our secondary packaging equipment is designed to efficiently prepare your products for the retail environment or for further logistical handling.

Types of Secondary Packaging Equipment

1. Cartoners

   - Endload Cartoners: Ideal for products that need to be securely loaded from the side/end. Perfect for a variety of product sizes and shapes.

   - Topload Cartoners: (Including MFM/CFM/CLM): Suitable for products that are best loaded from the top. Offers flexibility for irregular shapes and sizes.

   - Wraparound Cartoners: Provides a tight wrap around products, offering superior protection, retail-ready appearance, and reduction in overall corrugate.

  - CFM-T: Automation for club store case erecting. Whether punch down lock closure, or glue closure, our CFM-T will erect up to 20CPM helping reduce overall labor savings for operators hand erecting cases/trays.

2. Robotic Case Packing: Utilizes advanced robotics for highly efficient packing of products into cases. Best for operations seeking flexibility, speed, and precision.

3. Robotic Palletizing: Engineered for high-performance stacking and organization of packaged goods onto pallets. Ideal for enhancing efficiency and consistency in preparing products for distribution and storage.

Robotic Palletizing

How to Choose the Right Equipment

Determining the right secondary packaging equipment for your needs depends on several factors. Consider the following:

- Product Size and Shape: The dimensions and shape of your product can influence whether topload, endload, or wraparound cartoners, as well as the type of case packing or palletizing solutions, are most suitable.

- Production Volume: Evaluate your daily or hourly production needs. High-volume operations may benefit from the efficiency of robotic case packing and palletizing.

- Product Handling Requirements: Fragile or irregularly shaped products may require the gentle handling offered by specific cartoners or customizable robotic case packing and palletizing solutions.

- Future Scalability: Consider equipment that can grow with your business, offering modularity or adjustable settings for different products, as well as intermittent and continuous motion cartoners.

- Integration with Existing Lines: Ensure the equipment can be integrated with your existing primary packaging machines and conveyor systems for a seamless operation. Viking Masek provides seamless integration with common platforms including Allen Bradley and Siemens controls to provide turnkey packaging solutions.


Why Choose Viking Masek?

At Viking Masek Packaging Technologies, we're dedicated to providing tote-to-pallet, single-source packaging solutions. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer service sets us apart, making us the preferred choice for businesses seeking to overcome their packaging challenges.

- Customized Solutions: Tailored equipment options that meet your specific packaging needs.

- Comprehensive Support: From installation to maintenance, to tailored training programs for your operators, our team is here to ensure your equipment operates at peak efficiency.

- Industry Expertise: Years of experience in offering cutting-edge packaging technologies across various industries.

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