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Product Fillers

Multi-Head Scales

Accurate Fills, Every Time

Ensure your packages are filled accurately and reliably with an integrated filler. Choose from auger fillers, multi-head scales, liquid fillers, volumetric fillers, and more.

Product Fillers

Viking Masek combines our durable packaging machines with equipment from our proven partners to create a simplified, fully automated packaging line that will turn your packaging challenges into

Product fillers provide accurate measurements of products to ensure your packages are consistent in weight or volume. We partner with manufacturers of high-quality weighing solutions like Yamato that easily integrate with our packaging machinery.

Popular filling and dosing equipment includes:

  • Multi-head scales. A perfect solution for a variety of solid products, multi-head scales provide fast, highly accurate weighments of material.
  • Auger fillers. A top solution for granular and powder products, auger fillers use a screw-like mechanism to measure and dispense exact volumes of product.
  • Liquid fillers. As the name suggests, this equipment is used to provide clean, accurate measuring and filling of liquid products.