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Continuous Motion

High speed, reliable continuous motion

Our line of continuous motion VFFS machines features modular designs that can meet a wide variety of specifications. Ranging from the VFFS Velocity – the world’s fastest continuous motion vertical form fill seal packaging machine to the VFFS Solitare – perfect for cheese or bulk packaging, our machines accommodate a wide variety of bag styles and options. Package liquids, solids, bulky or sticky items, both food and non-food with speed and precision.

Continuous motion vertical form fill seal packaging machine. With speeds up to 300 cycles per minute! Combine with the fastest fillers for…
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With its servo-driven airless fill squeegee sealing system, this continuous motion bagger was designed specifically for packaging of liquids…
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This continuous motion, high-speed bagger is a perfect fit for bulk product packaging.
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This continuous motion bagger accommodates a variety of bag styles including quad seal and flat bottom.
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The world’s fastest continuous motion vertical form fill seal packaging machine times two! Designed for ultra-fast packaging speeds for…
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5 Questions about VFFS Machines

Is a vertical form fill seal machine right for your company?

Helpful answers to the top 5 questions to ask when considering vertical form fill seal machines.

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