pouch packaging machine

Intermittent Motion

Reliable, consistent intermittent motion

Our flexible and functional VFFS intermittent motion machines provide accurate speed and repeatability for food and non-food items as well as liquids and fractional packs. With no-tool changeover and the ability to operate accurately even in wet or dusty environments, our intermittent motion machines can meet your exact specifications for bag styles, printing, and cartoning options.

Ultra-sanitary, tough-as-nails VFFS machine withstands the harshest washdown procedures to package fruit, vegetables, and fresh meats.
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The M250’s rugged construction and enclosed jaw drive makes this VFFS bag-maker an excellent choice for packaging in dusty or wet…
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Rugged bag-in-bag VFFS machine is perfect for packaging fractional packs of coffee, candy, or snacks at up to 100 cycles per minute.
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Versatile packaging machine for liquids, powders, and solids forms many bag styles and performs flawlessly in dusty or wet environments.
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Versatile, flexible VFFS packaging machine makes large, quad seal bags and is ideal for packing dusty products.
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Sleek and smooth vertical bagger S250/S300 delivers exceptional speed and repeatability through a quiet, servo driven jaw, perfect for…
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Robust, servo-driven vertical bagger makes such good looking quad seal bags, your competitors will think they’re pre-made!
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The S650 excels at bulk bag packaging! We offer all types of fillers, full surround mezzanines, bag compression units, and automatic…
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5 Questions about VFFS Machines

Is a vertical form fill seal machine right for your company?

Helpful answers to the top 5 questions to ask when considering vertical form fill seal machines.

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