A330 VFFS Packaging Machine

A330 VFFS packaging machine (pre-owned)


  • Stainless steel frame and hard anodized or clear aluminum, no paint, aluminum top plate, and photo eye for film registration detection
  • Allen Bradley, Servo, Festo Pneumatic, 6.5" AB HMI
  • Hard anodized aluminum film carriage with aluminum rollers
  • Baluff sensor for auto film tracking
  • Constantly-heated resistant film sealing system with coated seal jaws
  • Bag deflators
  • One (1) forming tube assembly and mount (including gas flush port) for flat bottom bag
  • Flat bottom bag unit, including gusset assembly and bottom folding plate for flat bottom bags
  • Vacuum pull belts including vacuum pump
  • End seal air cooling for strong seals

*Equipment/specifications subject to change without notice. Contact your representative for availability.