Viking-8SD-220 Premade Pouch Machine

Automatic Rotary Premade Pouch Machine

Now able to fill and seal STANDCAP pouches!

Packaging Samples

Customize Your Premade Pouch Machine to Suit Your Industry

Large premade pouches of powders and food products measuring up to 220 mm wide are filled and sealed by this packaging machine. Now able to fill and seal STANDCAP pouches!

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Max Speed 80 bpm
Bag Size
Min 140 mm W x 120 mm L
Max 220 mm W x 350 mm L


  • 8 stations, dual bags
  • PLC control with touch screen operation
  • Servo-driven Allen Bradley control platform
  • Highly durable welded steel frame
  • Production parameter memory including gripper size, machine speed, sealing temperature, and filling volume
  • Pouch presence detection – no filling, no sealing
  • Bag deflation with wire guide or push bars
  • Automatic deoxidizer feeding station
  • Two step sealing process guarantees clean sealing
  • Cooling station for liquid products


STANDCAP Pouch Bag Style

Machines now configurable to fill and seal premade STANDCAP pouches

How to Package Cannabis Edibles

Fill and seal premade pouches with cannabis edibles accurately and quickly with a duplex machine.

Duplex Premade Pouch Machine with Liquid


  • NEW STANDCAP pouch configuration
  • Proprietary Viking robotic pick & place bag infeed system
  • Product filling – can be integrated with multi-head scales, volumetric fillers and auger fillers
  • Fully interlocked safety guards
  • Presealing station for liquid or paste
  • Zipper opening device
  • Clean-in-place design
  • Long raised rotary shaft extender for longer bags
  • Extended bag magazine
  • Date coding: emboss, hot stamp, inkjet or thermal transfer
  • Quality control: checkweigher, metal detector, X-ray inspection
  • Dust suction nozzles and dust collector
  • Product settler
  • Bag supporter for heavy fills
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Washdown structure (IP65 or IP66)
  • Steam or gas flush
  • Rotary running clockwise model
  • Bag rejection system
  • Collating discharge conveyor

Technical Specs

Duplex Model 8SD-110 8SD-135 8SD-165 8SD-220 7SU-240 8SU-180
Number of Stations 8 8 8 8 7 8
Number of Lanes 2 2 2 2 2 2
Maximum Speed Per Minute (dry cycle) 100 100 100 100 80 80
Bag Gripping Range (mm) 85-110mm 90-135mm 90-165mm 140-220mm 100-240mm 100-180mm
Maximum Bag Length (mm) 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm
Electrical Requirements 3-Phase, 480V, Approx. 8.5 Kw, 60Hz 3-Phase, 480V, Approx. 8.5 Kw, 60Hz 3-Phase, 480V, Approx. 4 Kw, 60Hz 3-Phase, 480V, Approx. 5.5 Kw, 60Hz 3-Phase, 480V, Approx. 10 Kw, 60Hz 3-Phase, 480V, Approx. 4.5 Kw, 60Hz
Compressed Air Approx. 900NL/min, 5~6kgf/cm2 Approx. 900NL/min, 5~6kgf/cm2 Approx. 600NL/min, 5~6kgf/cm2 Approx. 600NL/min, 5~6kgf/cm2 Approx. 1,00NL/min, 8kgf/cm2 Approx. 700NL/min, 5~6kgf/cm2


Bag Styles