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Quickest to Profit - Startup Plans

When it comes to your new automated packaging system, be proactive - not reactive.

Our new Startup Plans provide dedicated Viking Masek experts onsite at your facility from day 1 to configure your new packaging system and train your staff, so you will see performance and profit gains...quickly.


Step 1

predictable costs

Take the guesswork out of installation and startup costs with a prepaid package.

Step 2

No training lag

Nearly eliminate the learning curve with a dedicated expert onsite to train your staff.

Step 3

increase profits

Start producing quality packages faster with less waste and minimal downtime.

Step 4

hit your numbers...fast

Achieve full production performance quickly (and stay there) with expert startup support.

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Quickest to Profit - Startup Plan Details

Based on your unique packaging system configuration, your Viking Masek Service Technician will recommend one of our four program tiers to best support your success.*

tier 1

Simple installations - 2 week program

  • Up to 100% production week 1
  • Onsite Service support

tier 2

Moderately complex installations - 3 week program

  • Up to 100% production week 1
  • Onsite Service and Assembly support (Engineering, Project Management support if required)

Tier 3

Highly complex installations - 4 week program

  • Up to 100% production week 2
  • Onsite Service, Assembly, Engineering, and Project Management support

Tier 4

Custom multi-week plan - Ask us for details

Included in all plan Tiers:

  • Machine installation
  • In-depth machine operator training
  • Service Technician audit
  • Spare parts checkup & strategy


Startup Plan Details


*Program details, production levels, and number of onsite experts subject to change based on your unique needs. Contact your Viking Masek representative for pricing.

Hit your numbers faster and increase revenues with our


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