What's Most Important When Choosing Packaging Equipment Manufacturers

Choosing the right packaging company

What's Most Important When Choosing Packaging Equipment Manufacturers?


Selecting the proper equipment manufacturer for your company's packaging needs is a big deal. It's so much more than reducing labor costs and adding new machines into your space - it's a long-term business commitment and relationship, as well as a financial investment in your organization's future.


At Viking Masek, we pride ourselves on how we interact and communicate with our clients. We fully understand that purchasing a packaging machine is not just another transaction.


Are you considering new packaging equipment for your organization down the road? Here are our top five suggestions when partnering with a packaging equipment manufacturer.


  • Don't go with perpetual "yes, people." While it feels good to be told that everything you want is 100 percent doable and that you'll be thrilled with the outcome - that is just not always the case. If what you want isn't going to work, we will tell you so. And why. Then we will work together to find a solution that truly fits the bill. 5 Questions to Answer Before Requesting a Packaging Machine Setup
  • Make sure realistic expectations are set. Transparency is paramount at Viking Masek. We will tell you how long it will take to get your equipment up and running (fully aware that a quick start-up time is essential). We will lay out the total cost of ownership (not just for the machines but for post-sale maintenance, too). We also pledge to be there for you and your equipment's needs during production and continuously support you after it's installed. (You will not be hung out to dry). First Time Buyer Handbook


  • Always have a human to talk to. When you need to speak with a person, communicating overseas via messenger isn't okay. Having a discussion in real-time with a packaging pro is. We aren't a big conglomerate. We want you to meet and get to know our team - the owners, engineers, and service techs. We are proud of our midwestern values and will always be true to them. Need to talk with someone ASAP, but you're across the country? We'll do our best to Facetime you in about 30 minutes. Packaging Machine Support and Maintenance


  • Ask a lot of questions. Like a kindergartener learning something exciting and new, ask a ton of questions. Because, let's face it, packaging equipment can be complicated. We want you to understand all the ins and outs of your new machines to get the most value and efficiency. Download Our Free List of Discovery Questions


  • What is the return on investment for your new equipment? Investing in packaging equipment is exhilarating for many reasons. One of our favorites is when we tell you how long it will take for your new machines to impact your bottom line. Packaging Equipment ROI Calculator


Want to learn more about the world of packaging equipment and what to look for in a manufacturing partner? We'd love to chat! Call us at 920-564-5051request a free consultation, or take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art facility.