Eco-friendly Packaging: Green is the New Black

Danielle Ohl

natural-products-shopping.jpgIf you are a company that produces an eco-friendly product, shouldn't your packaging follow through on your promise? This is the question many business owners are asking as they move toward a greener, more sustainable business model. Going green involves reducing your total carbon footprint, and for manufacturers, packaging plays a huge part in achieving that goal. Packaging should help, not hamper, goals of sustainability. Thanks to environmentally sustainable packaging partnerships, Viking Masek can help you work toward creating the green business model you strive for.

3 Steps for Sustainable Manufacturers

In a review of a sustainable tea manufacturer in search of green packaging, we see the natural progression of green packaging:

1. You need a packaging material that will protect your product from contamination. 

2. However, as an ecologically conscious company you want packaging that utilizes the least amount of material.

3. Furthermore, if your packaging material is biodegradable and compostable, this allows you to reduce the overall waste left behind by your product.

shutterstock_271403834.jpgThis is exactly the transition that this tea company followed in their search for eco-friendly packaging. For most businesses interested in going green, either for marketing purposes or to follow through with an eco-friendly business model, this progression is spot on.

Committing to a Packaging Materials Provider

As you look for innovative eco-conscious ways to package your product, whether you pack teas, cheese or dog food, you need to go a step further than simply choosing a packaging material. Sustainable packaging is a new horizon for manufacturers. As a result, you will need to do your research to find the best machinery and packaging for your natural and organic products.

This requires a solid working relationship with your packaging provider. Through a dedicated approach, you and your packaging partner will be able to keep abreast of the latest industry ideas that will help you advance your eco-friendly packaging concept. For example, it took aforementioned tea company four years of working with their packaging partner, Eagle Flexible Packaging, before a biodegradable label and adhesive was discovered.

Packaging-operations-manager.jpgChoose Eagle Flexible Packaging

Here at Viking Masek we provide a range of resources for your packaging needs. Whether you are interested in going green for the marketing component, or your business is dedicated to becoming wholly sustainable, we will work with you to meet your needs. In the search for the right types of packaging materials for eco-friendly packaging, we have partnered with Eagle Flexible Packaging.

This approach allows us to share the innovative flexible packaging materials created by Eagle Flexible Packaging with you, our customer. Eagle Flexible Packaging materials are fully compatible with the packaging machines sold here at Viking Masek. Contact Viking Masek packaging experts today to receive a professional consultation for your sustainable packaging needs.