Out of the Cereal Box: Packaging Has Changed for the Better

Danielle Ohl

Cereal-out-of-the-packaging.jpgAs the millennial demographic increases the demand for organic, health-conscious products in eco-friendly packaging, businesses that want to compete must supply the products. Here are some of the food industry‚Äôs packaging trends to look out for in 2016. Expect to see great movements in innovative packaging technology as companies realize the valuable connection between their brand, quality packaging processes and final products. 

Innovative Cup Holder Packaging

In 2016 a top cereal manufacturer is introducing more than four dozen new products. New food concepts include the use of multi-grain quinoa flakes and whole grain red wheat in cereals, which is spot-on with what millennials want to see on grocery shelves; they're looking for healthy options that are easily accessible and quick to make. However, the highlight is a flexible packaging solution featuring single-serve pouches that can fit easily in cup holders. These packages are easy to reseal and designed for ergonomic snacking.

Time Travels with Typography

A museli cereal company has many different product offerings, with each developing their own style and brand. That will all change in 2016 thanks to a revamp in coloring and typography. Going with an old school look from the 1950s, this company's newly styled muesli boxes will help to reestablish the company as a whole. Their packaging choices will play a big part in their rebranding and image this year.

Capturing the Hipster Market

hipster-1032629_1920.jpgAll things hipster, from mustaches and man buns to fermented everything and homemade beer, score high marks in the world of creative packaging solutions. If you can market to the hipster sect, which is mostly comprised of millennials, then you are well on your way to growing your brand. Here are some trends we've noticed:

  • One technique is the use of freehand fonts. This is definitely not the same computerized lettering that is featured on traditional cereal boxes. Rather you are searching for handmade lettering that gives a package a more personalized quality. This subculture likes handmade, and freehand fonts give them that pleasure with packaging.
  • Another foolproof method is to include a contemporary slogan with a retro background. Brands of cereal with flexible packaging that incorporate this method are going to grab the attention of this group.
  • Finally, do your research regarding catchy slogans and graphics that fit in with the hipster subculture. If you appear to be trying too hard to reach them, it's almost guaranteed that you won't - so your research into this segment of your audience needs to be done well. Genuineness and sincerity will be rewarded here!

Working with Innovative Packaging Technologies

Consumers are calling for a change in packaging that includes pouches being resealable and easier to access. They are also seeking out more eco-friendly options that involve less waste, as well as packaging that is allergy-friendly and caters to their specific diet. As you move to appreciate the latest packaging technology trends for 2016, do so with the right support crew at your side. Here at Viking Masek we understand what it takes to bring your brand to the forefront of the market. Let our team of packaging solution experts work with your business to invigorate and reinvent your brand today. We have the latest and most applicable flexible packaging, packaging machinery and packaging equipment on the market.


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