Report: Efficient Changeover Still One of Flexible Packaging Equipment's Top Challenges

Robb Leonhard

HMK_7010.jpgAccording to a recent survey conducted by PMMI, the leading global resource for processors and packagers, performing efficient and easy changeovers is one of the top issues still plaguing manufacturers. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are reacting to consumers' increased personal choice and disappearing brand loyalty by offering more diverse products, thereby increasing the number of SKUs that must be packaged and inventoried. When a flexible packaging equipment line switches from one pouch type to another, it is necessary to perform a changeover on the equipment to accommodate varying bag sizes, styles, and weights. This creates issues when manufacturers desire to remain as efficient as possible, as time spent on changeovers mean time not spent producing.

A Manufacturer's Wish List for Packaging Equipment Changeovers

manufacturing-meeting.jpgPMMI recently published their Top to Top report, drawing data from surveys and discussions held among top industry CPG companies and packaging Original   Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). According to this report, industry-leading changeovers require the availability of multi-functional packaging equipment. Today's flexible packaging machinery must be capable of fulfilling a variety of functions and have modular, easy to swap out components. Equipment should be easy to use by operators with a friendly HMI, should be safe for both workers and in a hygienic design sense, and should deliver the desired increase in reliability and efficiency desired.

When it comes to easy and fast changeovers, PMMI's Top to Top report cites the following as the biggest CPG manufacturer-reported concerns:

  1. Recruiting, training, and retaining top talent and having accessible knowledge bases and training materials
  2. Desiring easier changeovers on uncomplicated machinery that require less time and difficulty
  3. Having a flexible packaging line that can adapt to multiple SKUs
  4. Cleaning and sanitizing of equipment should be easy and effective

Addressing Changeover Concerns With Viking Masek's Flexible Packaging Equipment

Viking Masek's equipment is known for its rugged build, modular and open design, and its easy tool free packaging machine changeover. Let's address the four points on the above changeover 'wish list' in terms of what Viking Masek's packaging equipment can fulfill:

HMK_2552.jpg1. Hiring and training top talent. With user-friendly HMIs, Viking Masek's packaging equipment is easy to learn. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and after-sale service and are always happy to address technical questions and arrange for training of your workforce. Need help outlining the technical skills your workforce will require after installation? Is your selection of machinery influenced by the capabilities of your current staff? Our experts are happy to assist you with this important aspect your flexible packaging machinery project.

2. Uncomplicated machinery that features easy, quick changeovers. A tool free packaging machine changeover on our vertical form fill seal equipment can take as little as 10 - 15 minutes when performed by a trained technician. As for our premade pouch equipment, a changeover is as easy and quick as loading new pouches and pushing a button. Viking Masek's flexible packaging machines are also designed for ease-of-use via modular and efficient design. In addition, our spare parts are non-proprietary and can be milled independently.

3. Flexibility of equipment to adapt to multiple SKUs. Viking Masek's flexible packaging equipment can accommodate almost any product or products. Our VFFS M400 is extremely popular in industries like coffee, snacks, and pet food that need to package different bag sizes economically and efficiently on one machine. The new and innovative VFFS MS300 and MS400 packaging machine models marry the same flexibility with speed and updated technologies.death-wish-coffee-company-testimonial-VFFS-M400-flexible-packaging-machine

4. Cleaning and sanitation concerns. Hygienic and sanitary design can reduce the risk of cross-contamination of allergens and exposure of your product to foodborne illness. Popular in industries that package raw products like meat, our all-stainless-steel sanitary VFFS ES400 has a sloped frame and enclosures and is IP rated up to 66 to withstand the harshest cleaning protocols. Many of our VFFS packaging machine models have available sanitary design upgrades as well.


A quick, efficient, tool free packaging machine changeover minimizes downtime, maximizes throughput, and increases a manufacturer's bottom line. Spend less time working on your packaging equipment and put the machinery to work for youContact us online today or give us a call at (920) 564-5051 to talk with a flexible packaging efficiency expert.