What's Cookin' in Food Packaging: An Industry Trends Report

Danielle Ohl

Food_packaging_graphic.pngAccording to recent data from PMMI, the US food packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.9% from $23.9B in 2012 to $31.9B in 2022. For food manufacturers and packagers, that equals opportunity! PMMI reports that "meat and related products and snack foods will outperform the market with over 3 percent growth. The growth in these two segments is attributed to consumer demand for portion control and convenience options." Read on for more insight into packaging trends and an infographic illustrating key findings...

According to research from PMMI, the most innovative food industry segments are:

  • Snack Foods: Recycled and biodegradable materials for salty snacks; stylish, vivid graphics and shapes for single-serve packs
  • Meat and Related Products: New films to keep meat fresher longer; active labels to sense when meat is past its expiration
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Clear, tactile films to make consumers pause and consider the product; more single-serve packaging
  • Pet Food: More recycled materials in packaging; single-serve containers to differentiate niche or premium products

If your line of business is in any of the above-mentioned industries, be prepared for the increased demand for your products! The first step is making sure your food packaging equipment is operating efficiently and utilizes the latest in innovative technologies. Request a no-obligation consultation with a Viking Masek food packaging expert today to stay ahead of the curve!