Brewing success: How Just Us Coffee automated coffee packaging to perfection

Danielle Ohl

just-us-coffee-coffee-packaging.pngWhen demand for your product grows beyond current capacity, it usually means one thing for your packaging process:

It's time to automate!

In the pursuit of delivering the finest coffee experience, Just Us Coffee expanded its offerings to include an array of coffee blends, teas, and merchandise, all while maintaining an unwavering dedication to quality and ethical sourcing.

As the company grew, so did the challenges it faced in its manual packaging processes, from staffing shortages to the need for precision in meeting customer handling requests.

Recognizing the imperative need for innovation to sustain its growth and uphold its commitment to excellence, Just Us Coffee turned to Viking Masek, a leading expert in automated coffee packaging solutions.

Business Background

Just Us Coffee Roasters is a Canadian specialty coffee company that has been a pioneer in the ethical and sustainable coffee movement. Over its 25+ year history, Just Us Coffee has grown from a small, local coffee shop to a recognized brand known for its commitment to fair trade, organic practices, and community engagement.

Over the years, Just Us Coffee has expanded its product range to include a diverse selection of coffee blends, teas, and related merchandise. The company places a strong emphasis on quality, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of taste and ethical sourcing. Additionally, Just Us Coffee continues to innovate, introducing new flavors, brewing methods, and eco-friendly packaging to meet the evolving preferences of its customer base.

Packaging Challenges

Similar to many quickly growing coffee roasters, Just Us Coffee faced significant challenges in its manual packaging processes, including:

  • Staffing shortages
  • Stressed-out workforce
  • Difficulty maintaining packaging accuracy
  • Meeting customer handling requests

As they continued to see growth in demand for their product while still experiencing staffing challenges, Just Us Coffee realized that automating their coffee packaging process was vital to remain competitive. Additionally, ensuring the freshness and quality of their ground coffee products throughout the packaging process was crucial.

Strategy & Solution

Charles Travis, Roastery Supervisor at Just Us Coffee, described the moment they first engaged with Viking Masek: “Their extraordinary customer service and commitment to our success was evident. They took the time to understand our unique challenges and provided tailored solutions that perfectly fit our needs.”

After consulting with Viking Masek's coffee packaging equipment experts, Just Us Coffee chose a complete coffee packaging system, including:

  • VFFS M250 coffee packaging machine
  • Built-in valve system
  • Servo-driven auger
  • Integrated printer for date/lot code printing
  • Conveyance to transport and introduce coffee into the packaging system

Implementing an M250 VFFS coffee packaging system significantly improved Just Us Coffee’s packing processes and enhanced the freshness and quality of their packaged ground coffee.

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