5 ways automatic pouch packing equipment can transform your natural products company

Danielle Ohl

premade pouch EmptyBagInfeedConveyor.JPGPremade pouches are a hit in the natural products industry. For good reason: This package format uses fewer resources to produce than cans or bottles and can be fabricated from recyclable/compostable materials. So if you are already using preformed pouches for your product, great! But if you're not using packaging equipment to fill and seal those pouches, you are seriously missing out. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Increased shelf-life

How can natural product companies give their consumers the high-quality preservative-free product they desire while still maintaining a convenient longer shelf-life? Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technologies, that’s how. From high-barrier packaging materials to nitrogen gas flush to one-way valves, MAP options are many and can be configured to specific product requirements.

2. A prettier package

There’s no beating the look of a finished premade pouch. It screams “specialty, premium, one-of-a-kind product inside!” Consumers vote with their dollars, and products packaged in preformed pouches consistently see increased sales. Food Online predicts U.S. demand for stand-up pouch products will grow to 24 billion units by 2018, which is a growth rate twice as fast as the entire U.S. flexible packaging market. Are you giving your consumers what they want?

3. Throughput gains

Experienced product packers can fill and seal about 5 - 15 bags per minute. Not bad for a human. But if you reassign this task to a machine, pouches can be filled and sealed at rates of 35 - 60 bags per minute (even more on multi-lane models). That means your throughput can be 12 times as much when using an automatic pouch packing machine. No more backorders and no more worrying you won't be able to keep up with demand fluctuations.

4. Quality improvements

With a 2-step sealing system and highly accurate filling equipment, a premade pouch machine fills bags with an exact measure of product and creates the perfect seal, every time. No more worrying about under- or overfilling packages, and inadequate package seals are a thing of the past.

5. Reduce product loss

There are many attributes of a premade pouch machine that reduce or even eliminate product loss. The product will not dispense if a bag is not detected. In many instances, even during machine setup and changeover, the equipment can be calibrated without running (and wasting) product.

The bottom line

From increased efficiency to better quality packages to enhanced customer satisfaction, you really can't go wrong with adding premade pouch filling equipment to your operations. It's a natural choice.

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