Viking and Eagle Flexible Packaging Debut Pet Food Packaging Innovations

Danielle Ohl

high-quality-pet-food-packaging.jpgThe pet food industry is growing by leaps and bounds and consumers increasingly desire the best for their pets. Innovations abound to support this burgeoning market, not least of all in the area of pet food and treat packaging machinery and materials. Packaging is the first thing a consumer sees when pondering what to purchase in stores, and with shelves getting more crowded every day, pet food companies must find new ways to differentiate themselves via packaging while also not sacrificing their production speed, efficiency, and package seal integrity. Viking and partner Eagle Flexible Packaging are excited to head to SuperZoo, The National Show for Pet Retailers, to debut their new pet food packaging equipment and material innovations.

Pet Food Pouch Packaging for Product Differentiation

dog_bone_premade_pouch.jpgPackaging plays a huge role in brand differentiation on store shelves; it is the brand’s one shot to stand out and grab the consumer’s attention. Preformed pouches continue to grow in popularity with consumers, especially in the pet food industry as consumers are increasingly mindful about what they’re feeding their pets. Premade pouches for pet food:

  • Lend themselves to smaller batch sizes
  • Allow for quick product changeovers
  • Provide a great canvas for brand marketing
  • Offer versatility and consumer convenience through reclosable zippers and fitment features that provide easy access to the product
  • Are ideal for communicating the brand message through a variety of colors and shapes

As the pet food industry continues to evolve, custom-shaped premade pouches are a great way to complement your brand. Shaped pouches can be customized to a specific product, providing an extra level of distinction and brand communication. Together with Viking, Eagle Flexible Packaging is excited to announce the debut of a premade, dog bone shaped pouch at the SuperZoo trade show this August!

Premade Pouch Machine for Pet Food Products

Rotary-premade-pouch-machine-quadruplex.pngThere is no doubt that premade pouches are complementing and even replacing the bulk multi-walled paper packaging of pet food past. Filling and sealing these premade pouches can be done by hand, but as the specialty pet food and treat industry continues to grow, keeping up with increased consumer demand will become more difficult without the speed and efficiency of packaging automation. Pet food packaging machinery also ensures a reliable, repeatable process that can continue mostly independent of human intervention, allowing a more predictable and controllable production process.

Viking Masek's Rotary Premade Pouch Machine offers all of the above, plus a two-step sealing process that ensures the freshness of pet food and treats. With the organic and natural food trend lending itself to the pet food industry, strong package seals have become all the more important to these often preservative-free products. Viking is excited to debut this innovative packaging machine at SuperZoo in Las Vegas.