Viking Masek: Thankful & Hopeful

Robb Leonhard


It is with thankful hearts that we begin anew in 2022. While the last year has given us much to appreciate, it has supplied plenty of unpredictability. But it also brought us focus and resiliency. Here are a couple things we are thankful for:

  • We are grateful for our clients and partners who trust us every day to help grow their organizations. A lot has changed during the past few years, but we have successfully adapted. These days, there is something extra special about watching our clients thrive during this time of change.
  • We have been told (many times) that the teams we have here at Viking Masek are exceptional, and we could not agree more. Not only are they the best at what they do, they genuinely love their professions. You can hear the enthusiasm in their voices when talking with clients and each other. Their passion for their work keeps us going every day. And for that, we are thankful.
  • While we probably wouldn’t have scripted last year to play out as it did, we are grateful for the challenges it presented. They have allowed us to grow as professionals - and as people. The renewed sense of grace and compassion displayed by so many has made the pandemic’s challenges bearable.

We are thankful looking back and hopeful for the future. Some of our wishes for all of us in the new year include:

  • Normal… we are not totally sure what that looks like anymore, but we hope that 2022 brings with it more of what makes businesses thrive. Let’s get back on track with things like face-to-face meetings, in-person trade shows, and more togetherness. It benefits business and the human race.
  • Continuing to focus on nurturing a healthy work-life balance. There is a time to work and a time to care for ourselves, family, and friends. A good balance has many benefits, like feeling a meaningful purpose, better mental and physical health, more on-the-job productivity, and being happier in the life we live. And that sounds pretty good to us.
  • We want to keep turning our clients’ challenges into exciting opportunities. Evolving our industry and innovating the way we get your business done is (and always will be) at the top of our list.

Whether you have been a client of Viking Masek for 20 years, or you are first considering if an automated packaging system is a good fit for your company, thank you. Know we are here for you with gratitude and a committed willingness to help your business succeed.

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