How to Improve Your Machinery Efficiency to Match Production Schedules

Rick Leonhard

innovative-machinery-production-plans.jpgIt's back to work after Memorial Day; you're ramping up your production schedules for additional products to fulfill orders after your business was closed for the long holiday weekend. Yet even with machinery running at full capacity, your production output isn't significantly increasing. You begin to realize that having one less work day in the week can have a significant impact on your processes, negative implications for your buyers, and lead to a potential loss of profits.

It's time to evaluate your machinery to see where you can increase efficiency. By improving efficiency, your equipment will be able to produce more packaged products while consuming fewer resources. Here are several ways you can improve your machinery efficiency.

Maintain Workplace Cleanliness

A clean workplace is an efficient one. Allowing excess dust, moisture and product waste linger will only lead to the risk of debris enter your packaging machinery. Compromised machinery will run slower, work harder during daily operations and undergo increased wear-and-tear to moving parts. In time, the machinery will break down. Maintain a clean workplace by discarding excess product waste, clearing workplaces of debris, and cleaning machinery to increase the longevity of your equipment.

Immediately Address Malfunctioning Machinery Issues

machinery-technician-service.jpgIf an issue is discovered with running equipment, the machine should be taken offline for repair. Trying to force it to complete the production process only leads to more serious issues. Additional damage can be created that will be beyond immediate repair or may lessen the quality of products that are being created, wasting materials and time. Fix the equipment while it is offline and then place it back into service.

Replace Outdated Machinery or Equipment That Can't Be Fully Repaired

While purchasing new equipment may have been a task you were avoiding to keep your production costs low, you may actually be wasting money by not replacing broken or outdated machinery. Constant repair expenses can eventually add up, and new innovative machinery technology could increase the efficiency of your production operations. Evaluate how much existing equipment is costing your company during repairs, downtime, and production output. Then check out how new machinery can increase output and lower costs.

Create Inspection and Maintenance Schedules

Inspection and maintenance schedules are important measures for keeping machinery running at full capacity. Creating the right inspection and maintenance schedule is based on the type of equipment you have in your production operations, how much you use the equipment, and by following manufacturer's guidelines. By addressing problems early when they are still small, you can prevent larger, more costly problems in the future.

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