3 Reasons a Food Co-packer Should Invest in a VFFS Packaging Machine

Rick Leonhard

If you're considering upgrading to automated packaging equipment, here are some of the biggest reasons why so many co-packing businesses make the switch.

1. Increasing Capacity and Productivity

The most fundamental and basic reason to integrate a VFFS packaging machine into production processes is that your business will simply be able to do more in a shorter period of time.

Some quick math should show you how much faster it can be to package units with one of these specialized packaging machines than with human labor. These modern machines are also built with durability in mind to minimize downtime.

Machines can be customized to package different shapes and sizes of products and to work with a variety of materials. The flexibility and versatility of these machines allow a co-packing business to become more competitive, and experience more throughput in a given day or week. According to Packaging World, some companies can double their productivity with vertical form fill seal machinery.

Packaging-Machine-VFFS-E250-1.jpgNewer machines are also built to be easier for operators to understand and to work with. Operator efficiency is also part of the equation and will increase the return on investment that your business gets from VFFS packaging machinery.

2. Decreased Labor Costs

Without automating equipment, much of this packaging work is being done by hand. That can be extremely expensive, time-consuming, and inaccurate.

For many types of food packaging businesses, labor is one of the biggest expenses and one of the hardest to sustain.

That's partly because labor costs aren't just restricted to wages -- they also cover benefits, unemployment insurance, and more. It's easy to see these costs rise into six figures for one or two workers.

That's part of the concept behind switching over to automated packaging equipment. Just like in any industry, when the machine replaces human labor, it cuts all of those above labor costs and introduces a margin of predictability into the workflow.

In an age when labor costs are so daunting, and so many businesses can’t even really calculate them in a straightforward way, it makes a lot of sense to rely on one of these labor-saving machines.

3. Offering Professional Services

Here's another great reason to invest in a VFFS packaging machine. If you're a food co-packer or some other business that offers secondary packaging services to client companies, the new investment in equipment is likely to open all sorts of doors.

It's not just a question of higher productivity. In some cases, co-packing companies will be able to attract new clients on the basis of their investment in this equipment, by impressing new clients that are looking for modern and solvent partners. It's helpful to advertise your capabilities and let potential clients know that you have this kind of modern equipment, in order to be considered at the forefront of your field.


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